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Welcome to
 "Eagles Rest Ranch"

The Eagles Rest Ranch

The Eagles Rest is a Breeding & Boarding facility that sits on 110 acres 

located in (Citrus County)

The Ranch breeds Warmblood Hanoverian's, Oldenburg's, and Trakehner's.

Along with adorable mini donkey's and miniature horse's.  

 Eagles Rest offer's long term barn lease's and also dry stalls, self care, full board, pasture board and long term retirement board. We are just minutes to the Withlacoochee State Forest with plenty of trails for riding, 22 miles to (WEC) the New World Equestrian Center, 22 miles to Florida Horse Park and 26 miles to HITS. 

Here at the Ranch, we are always looking for more friends and families to enjoy the property with us. So please reach out with any questions...

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The Eagles Rest Ranch is a top horse boarding farm in the Hernando, FL

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"Message us Today"

For any additional photos and videos of our weanlings, yearlings and two-year-olds.

"The Eagles Rest Ranch"

is now a distributor for the Ultimate Drinking Post Waterer

located in Florida, servicing Marion County and Citrus County.

The New Way to Water...

The Ultimate Drinking Post waterer provides the freshest, cleanest water possible for your horses

and livestock. It will also save you both time and money, not to mention clean water year-round.

This drinking post will significantly mitigate the threat of West Nile Virus and algae build-up by eliminating the standing water associated with water buckets and water troughs when they are not cleaned on a regular basis especially in our hotter months in Florida...The Drinking Post fills up with new, fresh water every time your animal pushes the paddle and then it drains away any excess water that isn't consumed. The Drinking Post will also eliminate the chance of colic in horses that is also related to standing, dirty water as well. If you can't drink your horses water why should they...

Image 36.jpg

If you would like more information on the Drinking Post please contact the Eagles Rest Ranch today. You are also more than welcome to come out to the Ranch at anytime and see how the Drinking Post Waterer operates. 

View some Drinking Post options

Indoor Riding Arena


Hay Hut Feeder is a HayHut dealer servicing Ocala, Central and West Coast Florida.

 Our Ranch is a Breeding and Boarding facility that's been using HayHuts

for years now, and they are truly a smart and wise investment. 

 HayHuts are designed to keep your hay dry, fresh and no waste. We personally like

using the hay net kits sold separately. The custom fit net will prevent any unwanted hay waste outside the hut saving you money, and clean up. It will also control feeding amounts using one of the two different net sizes ( 1- 5/8" ) and ( 2") webbing.

Farming Field

 Hay Hut


HayHut & Net-Kit

Hay Hut & Net-Kit


Hay Net



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