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Meet Our Family

Our Family: Meet the Team

Chris Badenhop


Chris works hard to keep the Eagles Rest on track. He loves working with all the horses, and enjoys making his customers feel at home. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to visit the Ranch, please get in touch with us today.


Joyce Badenhop

The Boss

Joyce is amazing!! She is definitely not afraid of any hard work, and proves it daily. Joyce plays a big part on the ranch, taking care of all of the horses... We absolutely couldn't ask for a better team player.


Jake Badenhop


Jake has been a huge part of the Eagles Rest since day one. He is always taking care of business and making sure things are running smooth at the Ranch. He is truly such a valuable asset to the property.


Melanie Burns 

Horse Trainer

Melanie is our personal trainer on the Ranch. She works with all the foals, weanlings and yearlings teaching them good ground manners. We are extremely happy to have Melanie part of the family.

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